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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“615 Home” by Annemarie Baldauf

“615 Home” by Annemarie Baldauf

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3D print from 3D printer

4.75" x 4.5" x 2"

San Ramon, CA 

More from the artist:

This is a 3D printed sculpture made on an iPad to be printed on a 3D printer. They are printed about 5 times until they look right to me.  I have been working in 3D printing for about 3 years. I was working in 3D printing before the pandemic and then I only worked in 3D printing since the pandemic.

Previously I painted watercolor collages of my family. Previous to that I made large scale mosaics on buildings. Previous to that I made handmade paper and abstract ceramic sculptures. I started out in ceramics when I was 6.

The ideas I use are time, always self-portraits, sickness, aging, stress and dying.

I love the process of 3D printed sculptures as it is a new frontier. The amount of detail you can get working so small. I love small and personal.

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