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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Among the Stones” by Anya Leveille

“Among the Stones” by Anya Leveille

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Oil and cold wax on wood panel

10" x 10"

Dubuque, IA

More about the artist:

Always a student of the complexity of the human mind, (and never one to take an easy path) Anya began her career with degrees in Literature, Psychology and British History. Continuing her education, she attained a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, while growing in her art practice. Discovering that art was her true passion, she studied as a texture artist at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, as well as under traditional representational Master artists. Her multi-dimensional, textured and layered paintings are abstract expressions of visual forms, atmospheres and environments. She has continued to be a student of nature and environment, being influenced by not only sweeping photogenic panoramas, but also by the small, vulnerable moments that are so easily and often lost to memory. She resides in the Chicago area with her family and an enormous main coon cat that is inordinately pleased with himself when fur makes its way into her paintings.

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