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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Black and White Series No. 8” by Linda Ann Weber

“Black and White Series No. 8” by Linda Ann Weber

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Mixed media on wood panel

13.25" x 13.25" framed (black)


More about the artist: 

My work has evolved from abstract intuitive painting to paintings that include use of mixed media that creates depth, and builds layers of history and texture. I’ve always had a love of color, pattern, and typography and these play a large role in my work. Most of this comes from my graphic design background. I collect or create images and typography and incorporate handmade textiles and papers to create my signature collage technique. My process is still intuitive, but themes of current social issues, historical influence, and even pop culture have made its way into my work.

My process is very serendipitous, whereby I usually work on several paintings at a time. I start with drawing and mark-making on canvas or paper; I call this my playtime because I let whatever I'm feeling come out. Then I move to collage or paint. There is a back and forth of painting, mark-making and collage until a history of layers and texture are built up. Experimentation throughout is an important part of the process - it gives the painting life and energy. I also experiment with a variety of tools, mediums and techniques as I work. The process continues until the final composition comes together.

BFA in Art from Illinois State University

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