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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Champagne Vision” by Teresa Volgenau

“Champagne Vision” by Teresa Volgenau

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Acrylic on stretched canvas

10" x 8", mat and framed

Westminister, CO


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Teresa Anne Volgenau, a Colorado native and recent uterine cancer survivor, has always been an artist. Her extensive and diverse career in the performing arts has spanned over 25 years and has taken her from California to New York City and through Europe and South America. She is known best as a dancer/performer, instructor for The Joffrey Ballet, and she has worked extensively as a choreographer and actress. (

Since her youth, Teresa has been inspired by fine art and has had a talent for drawing. Over the years, she found herself carrying a sketch pad wherever she went, be it on the subway, the coffee shop, or in between rehearsals and performances, she was always drawing.

By 2016 Teresa felt it was time to switch gears from her life as a performer to pursue her passion and desire as a visual artist. Working in acrylics and inks, and preferring clean lines and shapes, pressing boundaries with color and skin tones, and aggressive with intricate details, she has developed a unique representational style that reflects her experience in dance, love of romantic gestures, as well as a poetic connection to the metaphysics. Teresa firmly believes, “A piece of art should be recognized as more than mere decoration, it can be an invitation to connect with your highest self and can directly affect you and your life by how it affects your space. There is beauty and a strong vibrational intention to aid in personal ascension within every stroke of my artworks.”

Teresa welcomes you to indulge in slices of her history, passionate wanderings, and her unwavering commitment to create. While Teresa tends to create larger artworks (up to 5 feet in length), when we see smaller TAVolgenau artworks we know these were created during her travels. The artwork within the current 3Cs showcase was painted during her time in Warsaw, Poland.

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