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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Desert Hike II” by Sarah Starling

“Desert Hike II” by Sarah Starling

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Encaustic on wood panel

8" x 8"

Denver, CO

IG: @sarahstarlingart

More from the artist:

I grew up in Illinois, about an hour outside of Chicago. I have lived in Colorado for over 6 years now and have loved every minute! My work reflects scenes of nature and landscape that have inspired me throughout my life. Whether it be the frothy waters of Lake Michigan or open plains from my journey out west- these beautiful scenes bring back strong memories that have shaped my life.

I do not go into painting with a strict plan, but rather use a layering process that embraces chance and change. I apply thin layers of encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) paint fused together with heat. These layers develop into pieces with bold color and delicious textures. The process of working and creating is truly an art in itself.

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