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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Full Moon Aspen Grove” by Sean Hudson

“Full Moon Aspen Grove” by Sean Hudson

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Acrylic on birch wood panel

12" x 12"

Boulder, CO

IG: @seanhudsonstudio

More from the Artist:

My journey as an artist started about a decade ago. I’m not an artist by trade, and I’ve never had any formal art training. However, I consider myself a lifelong learner and a polymath of sorts. Combining an insatiable curiosity and the need to always be creating—even beyond my day job as a tech investor, serial entrepreneur, developer, UX/UI designer, and digital strategist—art became a natural creative outlet.

For me, art is an effective form of therapy. On some days it relaxes me after a stressful day and other times it’s a cathartic release of raw emotion. Through my painting, I aim to express more than just the initial visual reaction. I often paint landscapes and artifacts of the American West. However, I’m not just trying to capture an attractive pastoral setting, I’m attempting to express the sensory experience I get from being in the land—the freedom of open spaces, the complex textures and layers I feel, the vibrant colors as maybe only I see them, and the dynamic energy these places give me.

I used to paint in a fairly realistic manner, and I attempted to replicate the natural beauty I perceived, but it was rarely satisfying. I never really felt I was sharing anything new that couldn’t be similarly experienced by viewing a photograph. So, recently, I’ve challenged myself to loosen up my style and find what really gets me excited. Through a lot of trials over the past year, here’s what I’ve found. I love to blur the lines between representational and nonrepresentational. How far can I push a piece and still call it a landscape? I love the mark-making process of abstract expressionism. Strong unplanned and intuitive swaths of color, lines, and drips. I love scraping through layers of paint and adding more texture. It’s a satisfying process of destruction and creation. I get a kick out of using non-traditional tools to create my works - razor blades, bubble wrap, credit cards, sticks, grass, a nail, my fingers, brayers, rubbing alcohol, quill pens, textured fabrics, and pretty much anything else I can use to create marks and texture.

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