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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Grounding” by Claire Ibarra

“Grounding” by Claire Ibarra

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Digital photography

16" x 16" matted and framed

Boulder, CO ,

IG: @clairemibar

FB: @clair.ibarra.1

More about the artist: 
Claire has always been drawn to storytelling as a means of exploring and illuminating the human condition. Her artistic life began with writing fiction, but Claire found herself moving toward poetry as she strove to distill narratives to their bare and essential essence. It seems that photography was the next logical step in that process. Claire has a particular fondness for capturing the strange and stark beauty of landscapes. “Recently, my artistic focus has been exploring isolation and seclusion, with seclusion being a more active, willful act. There are psychological effects on humanity, as well as physical manifestations, which I strive to express and depict through landscapes. There can be grace and beauty with isolation; there's expansiveness and tranquility that comes with pause and reflection. I want to express this beauty, while also acknowledging the void that can come from isolation.
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