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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“I've Not Felt Quite Like Myself Lately” by Olivia Rerick

“I've Not Felt Quite Like Myself Lately” by Olivia Rerick

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Hand-cut natural stone on backerboard, aluminum free

12" x 12"

IG: @oliviawells.mosaics

Brooklyn, NY

More about the artist:

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Italy, I work primarily in the mosaic medium, using natural stone and smalti to make abstract artworks. I hand-cut all my tesserae using a classical Italian mosaic hammer. Art is all about connection for me: I use my art to explore my emotions and express my feelings in a way that, hopefully, anyone can connect with. In this vein, the tactile nature of my works is essential to me - my pieces can be touched and interacted with (which is everything Child Me dreamed of!). I also like the historical connection present in mosaic work; humans have been cutting up stone and using it to make art for thousands and thousands of years, and it is an honor to continue that tradition.

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