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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Lean on Me” by Frances Listou

“Lean on Me” by Frances Listou

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Colorado Yule Marble with unique green veins on African Graphite base

13" x 12" x 3" sculpture, 13lbs

Evergreen, CO

FB: Frances.Listou.Art

IG: @frances_listou

More from the artist:

My pleasure and purpose are ensured when I see someone, especially a child or a person visually impaired, smiling and playfully tracing the lines of my stone, bronze, or clay sculptures. I am struck by the power of the tool that allows me to change the Creator’s creation into my creation. It is exuberant! Art must be enjoyed by both the creator and the receiver. My rustic cabin studio sits on the edge of a wild-flowered, tall grassed, forested mountain park. As I carve stone, push clay, or paint, I watch herds of deer and elk, a few(?) bunnies and chippers, birds, and sometimes a lynx strolling among the tall pine and aspen trees. This is where I am filled with inspiration and joy.

I did not start carving until my husband, Erik, gifted me a hammer, chisels, and a stone. After that, I became a stoner, but don't smoke... I carve rocks! When I find a stone that appeals to me, I will set it aside, sometimes for over a decade. I look at it occasionally, or just think about the shape and color, imagining what I want it to be. This is the “work” part. Then it just happens! I will either see an image that will “fit” the stone or just start carving; now I am “playing”. I enjoy this direct carving method, without an image or model. But at times, I use a maquette, usually in clay, as a guide. I will chip, grind, and sand the stone until I am saturated and satisfied with what has transpired. Occasionally, a mold from a stone or clay sculpture becomes a bronze piece. When not "stoning", clay, acrylic painting, and alcohol ink have my attention. Living and creating my art in Colorado since 1978 is a blessing for me. Creating something, anything, throughout my life, gives me pleasure and purpose.

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