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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Moonlight View at the Beach” by Barry Goldstein

“Moonlight View at the Beach” by Barry Goldstein

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Ink on cellulose

13" x 17"

Statesville, NC

More about the artist: 
My love in art is a mix of both abstraction and realism. Abstract art is treated similar to a puzzle where each piece fits uniquely together. The hardest part of painting an abstract is the mental work of putting it together. Easily a 6 month adventure for each piece. Realism requires paying attention to details that most viewers will notice. All drawings are created using a special mouse. When required they are combined together into a group, or an object. For example each blade of grass is drawn, and bunched together to create a clump, or group. My realistic paintings can also be viewed as abstractions. For example clouds and sea or land can be viewed as abstract objects that naturally fit together
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