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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Moonrise - Organ Mountains” by Gautam Bhan

“Moonrise - Organ Mountains” by Gautam Bhan

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Gautam can also recreate his art in several ways (panel mounted, framed, canvas, hanging bars, etc.)

Archival photographic print mounted on hanging bars

9" x 12"

Lyons, CO

IG: @gbhanphoto

FB: G. Bhan Photo

More from the artist: 

Nocturnal periods are when most living creatures are inactive. For them this period is shrouded in mystery and represented by darkness. This absence of light is temporary, as light floods in at the end of the nocturnal period and once again the invisible becomes visible. The cycle then repeats itself. The periods of transition between nocturnal, light and nocturnal again represent an opportunity to observe the interplay between darkness and light. I explore this with my three photographs. First, the moon rises over the mountains, still lit by the fading sun, as it prepares to illuminate the landscape at night. Second, a similar interplay occurs in an urban setting, as an outdoor lamp mounted on stucco prepares to see out the last rays of the setting sun. Last, the nocturnal period is in full swing as we lean on colorful lights to celebrate and bring joy to all in the moment.

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