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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“One Way, at Night” by Brendan Quirk

“One Way, at Night” by Brendan Quirk

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Photography - Fiber-based silver gelatin print mounted on archival board

11" x 14"

Mayville, WI

FB: BrendanQuirkPhotography

More about the artist: 
I work exclusively in the traditional medium of film photography and silver gelatin darkroom printing. My work mostly consists of non-staged or modeled arrangements, or pictures as encountered. I prefer a fairly literal representation of reality when printing the negative, and tend to eschew overt dramatization. A grounding in the real, or that which is found through observation, does not mean though that the conceptual is stinted. Indeed, I strive to center my work in the intersection of the axes of formalism, conceptualism, and representation.
Dr. Brendan Quirk is a photographer, chemist, and medical researcher currently living and working in Wisconsin. He earned BS and MS degrees from DePaul University (Chicago) in 1978 and 1989, and a PhD from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville) in 1995. Besides Wisconsin, he has also lived and worked in Riverdale IL, Chicago IL, Charlotte NC, Lisle IL, Charlottesville VA, and Durham NC. Although science has been his life; art, and specifically photography, is a strong and essential avocation for him that complements nicely the creativity of his principle daily work. Having maintained a traditional darkroom since the early 1970’s, he would like to remind the public that there is still room for and much life in the traditional photographic print! 

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