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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Still Alive! (Mind-Reach)” by Patrick Cullie

“Still Alive! (Mind-Reach)” by Patrick Cullie

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Cut paper on back cover of vintage library book

8" x 10" highboy 1" deep, framed

Lyons, CO

IG: @patrickcullie

More about the artist:

I'm a 75 year old artist/musician, retired advertising creative director. I work in my small, free-standing backyard studio in Lyons, Colorado. My work is often, but not always, political and employs a variety of mediums...painting, assemblage, found objects, collage. Except for the rare gallery exhibitions I show in, I work on what I call "reclaimed canvas," in other words, I buy thrift store paintings and frames and re-purpose them. But I leave the price tag from the thrift store attached and that is what I sell my paintings my wish is to have people own more art, and to leave more money on the table for artists who survive on the proceeds from their work. My most expensive painting to date sold for $12.99. In short, I'm lucky enough to be an artist and work purely for the joy the experience.

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