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Main Street Gallery by 3cs Art Collective

“Sunflowers in Fire Canyon” by Kristi Ekern

“Sunflowers in Fire Canyon” by Kristi Ekern

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Miniatures and digital photography

10.25" x 12"

Longmont, CO

Kristi Ekern (Kristi Swanson) on Facebook

More from the artist:

I create miniatures. Sometimes I use my miniatures in different nature settings to get a creative photograph. Sometimes I use them for making a little rooms or displays. I also love to find unusual patterns and pictures in nature. I have an alphabet poster hanging in my kindergarten classroom made completely out of letters formed by tree roots along Rocky Mountain trails. I love when nature surprises me and I capture the image. Some of my favorite photos to take are patterns in sand after storms, swirling pollen, reflections in water and shadows. I also enjoy combining painting with photos. I sometimes collaborate with another artist and provide a black and white background photo that we paint color images onto the top of. I have shown work in six art shows and had some of my miniatures pictures in a magazine.

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